BearBottom is a clothing brand with a cause. For every pair of shorts they sell, they donate a pair to children in need in Bangladesh. They approached the Brandcenter for solutions to better their business and better connect their brand image with their charitable mission. 
My group presented a number of solutions including re-tooling their charitable strategy to a monetary donation model aimed at solving more problems in Bangladesh. My goal as the art director on the project was to update their brand identity and change their perception from being a "bro" shorts brand competing with brands like Chubbies and Birddog to being seen in their own category for the "casual outdoorsman". This identity update included a redesigned website that simplified their navigation and made the shopping process much quicker and easy.
Here is a link to a prototype of my redesign used in our presentation:
Creative Brand Manager: Mason Shuck
Art Director: Ryan Owens
Copywriter: Karan Raikar
Experience Designer: Danielle Scott-Patxot
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